Adidas Metalbone 3.3 2024 Ale Galan

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The new Adidas Metalbone 3.3 2024 is the padel racket designed by champion Ale Galán. Weight and balance can be changed thanks to the 6 screws on the sides of the frame, allowing you to change the weight up to 12 grams and the balance up to 1.5 cm. 2 to 1 aluminized carbon that gives extreme power and reduced flexibility. Soft EVA rubber. Rough finish for added spin. Top of the range. Expert player level.

Adidas spin blade decal technology: 3D printed relief, to increase the effects.

Smart Holes Curve Technology: positioning and design of the holes for optimal comfort.

Octagonal Structure Technology: octagonal shaped frame which guarantees greater rigidity to the entire structure.

Weight & Balance System technology: allows you to change weight and balance thanks to screws on the frame, easily removable thanks to a key supplied. Possibility to change the balance up to 1.5 cm and the weight up to 12 grams.

Includes 3M protective tape that protects the racket head.