Head Extreme One 2023

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Feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins as you take control of the court with the brand new Head Extreme One 2023/2024 padel racket. This tool is specially designed for players like you, who love to attack and dominate every match.
Are you left-handed or do you prefer to play on the left side? It doesn't matter, because the Extreme One is your secret weapon for taking aggression to the next level. This racket was created for those who feel comfortable attacking, finishing points with precision and taking control of the game. The 12K carbon fiber surface blends with strengths such as smash and power shots, providing an explosion of power and speed that will allow you to take command of the game in any situation.
Auxetic technology and Power Foam rubber have been incorporated into the structure to give you exceptional responsiveness and a comfortable feel, minimizing vibrations and maximizing control . The diamond shape of the racket further amplifies power, giving you the edge you need to dominate the court.
Don't wait any longer, get your Head Extreme One padel racket and take advantage of the power, precision and aggression of this tool to reach new levels of success in the world of padel. Buy yours now on MainPadel.com!

Data sheet

  • Manufacturer: Head
  • Shape: Diamond
  • Player level: Advanced
  • Balance: High
  • Frame: Carbon
  • Core: Power Foam
  • Surface: 12K Carbon Fiber
  • Finish: Rough
  • Weight: 335-355 g